Stinson Owl-Lite's Vision, Mission & Values


We are the leaders and the link between Traffic Safety, Transportation Efficiency and Environmental Sustainability.


We improve traffic safety and efficiency by raising the bar on technology, industry standards and education. We strongly believe that safe and efficient traffic improves ALL our lives.


• Our job is to serve the company and our customers. We take full responsibility for our actions and the resulting consequences.

• We are a collaborative team. We understand our roles and how they impact others.

• Never make assumptions. We will follow our processes.

• Every employee owns the customer experience. Do your job as if the customer is watching.

• We are building a positive team that celebrates success.

• Ask the question, we will get results faster by asking questions.

• We will do the right thing with a friendly, family spirit.

• Employees are expected to actively invest in their knowledge and continuing development.

• We give our people opportunity to be amazing.

• We respect each other’s time, knowledge and experience.

• We innovate to succeed and to be an industry leader.

• Do it safely or don’t do it at all.