Scorpion II Metro TL-2 Plus TMA

The Scorpion II Metro TMA is tested, passed and eligible for MASH TL-2 Plus (80 kph / 50 mph). This TMA can be used on support vehicles with a minimum actual/curb weight of 7,500 lbs. (3,402 kg) with no upper weight limit. Lighting consists of LED brake, directional, signal and running lights for enhancement of advanced warning to drivers.

More Information
Product Name Scorpion II Metro TL-2 Plus TMA
  • • Only MASH TL-2 Plus TMA tested and passed at 80 kph (50 mph)
  • • Overall dimensions of 8'x8'x2'
  • • Ground clearance of 12" ± 1" when deployed in the horizontal operating position
  • • Consists of two (2) main components: Cartridge and Backup/Diaphragm Frames
  • • Can be vertically lifted in a single 90° fold position
  • • Supports vehicle bed with a stored height of less than 10' with the low pivot mounting option or 11.2' with high pivot option
  • • Curved Aluminum Tube Frame protections against nuisance impacts and redirects capacity along the entire length of the TMA
  • • When impacted the Scorpion II Metro crushes in progressive stages, which results in lower repair costs and easy parts replacement
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