Radarsigns TC-400

The TC-400 is a battery powered radar speed sign offering the ultimate in portable traffic calming. Using a modular design and built with the legendary quality standards that Radarsign is known for, the TC-400 is lightweight, easy to install and extremely durable.

More Information
Product Name Radarsigns TC-400
  • • 11” LED display
  • • 24”W x 21”H YOUR SPEED faceplate with 3” high lettering
  • • Speed Violator Alerts: slow flash and fast flash of actual speed
  • • Display on-off feature allows traffic data collection to continue even when the display is off (stealth mode)
  • • Easily readable up to 450 feet
  • • Radar detects vehicles up to 1200 feet away
  • • Portable: radar speed sign weighs only 27 lbs. without batteries
  • • Modular design allows the front and rear housing to detach from each other
  • • Operates for +/-2 weeks on fully charged batteries; 24 hour recharge period
  • • Includes dual 12-volt,18 A/H Ni-MH battery packs and a battery charger
  • • Field exchange of batteries allows for multi-month usage
  • • Easily transportable; fits in any trunk
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