Work Zone Cameras

Work Zone Management Camera (Dashcam)

Workzone Cameras

The WZMC-1000 is a completely-automated cloud-based work zone management camera system that lets you accurately document your projects. This super easy to use, low-cost system provides the users with high-quality videos, automatic video transfer, cloud-based storage, quick access to video storage and easy download of videos. The WZMC-1000 system provides documentation that projects are set up correctly, device counts are accurate, a history of completed activities along with a record of dates and time. Have questions? 

Workzone Cameras


With this innovative work zone management system, you can ensure accurate daily, weekly & monthly counts of deployed equipment, clearly document completed work and activities, and utilize the management tool to review and improve quality control. Not only will the system help you with these items, you can also use it as an asset management tool to document the quality and condition of any variety of assets. It's also a very powerful tool to protect you from potential future litigation.

High-Resolution Camera

This ultra-high-definition camera with integrated Wi-Fi and GPS easily mounts to any windshield, and with a camera wired to your vehicles battery, it installs in less than 15 minutes flat. The cameras proximity sensor with voice feedback makes starting and stopping recordings completely effortless. Built with a super rugged case, the camera with a locked cable prevents camera from being disconnected intentionally, or unintentionally. 

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