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Our Road Weather Sensors provide you with accurate real-time information about road weather and roadway conditions. All of our Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) are Ministry of Transportation (MTO) compliant and allow for maximum flexibility in choosing road weather sensors. Whether you need to initiate alarms, mobilize emergency personnel or activate road weather system related closures, Stinson Owl-Lite provides sound solutions to quickly and reliably transform critical road weather sensor data into actionable information.

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Our Road Weather Information Sensor Solutions Include:

Fixed Road Surface Condition Sensor

The RWIS IceSight Remote Road Surface Condition Sensor — Series 5433 is a non-intrusive surface condition sensor that uses laser and infrared electro-optical technology to read surface condition, temperature and reduction of surface grip due to water, snow and ice. The IceSight Remote Road Surface Condition Sensor’s larger measurement area (than embedded or in-road sensors) provides for more representative and reliable results. The actual measurement area of an embedded or in-road sensor is a one square inch or smaller spot compared to the one-foot diameter measurement spot at the Remote Road Surface Condition Sensor's typical 30-foot range.

  • Instant Grip Measurement — Water, Snow and Ice Detection
  • No Road Surface Cutting
  • Long Optical Range
  • Open Architecture Communications
  • Larger Measurement Area for More Representative Reading
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Mobile Road Surface Condition Sensor

The Mobile IceSight Pavement Surface Condition Sensor — Model 5435-00 is a remote mobile surface condition sensor that provides real-time surface condition and atmospheric information from a moving vehicle. The Mobile Pavement Surface Condition Sensor's standard, open-architecture data output includes air temperature, relative humidity, surface temperature, six distinct surface indications and a surface friction coefficient.

  • Real-Time Surface Conditions from Moving Vehicle
  • Includes Surface Temperature, Air Temperature and Relative Humidity
  • Simple Integration with Existing AVL Systems
  • Data Dash Display from any Web Browser
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Surface Temperature Sensor

The Model 5439 Surface Sentinel non-intrusive surface temperature sensor provides surface temperature, air temperature, relative humidity and dew point measurements for warning systems and fixed weather stations. Premium materials are used to meet the demands of road weather professionals.

  • Trigger ITS Devices Directly from Sensor
  • Low Power for Solar Installations
  • SDI-12 Interface: Simple Integration w/Industry-Standard Dataloggers
  • Fan Provides Air Temp/RH Aspiration
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Mobile Surface Temperature Sensor

The Mobile Surface Temperature Sensor — Model 5436-00 Surface Sentinel is a highly accurate sensor system that provides surface temperature and air temperature, in real-time, from a moving vehicle to an in-cab display unit. The Mobile Surface Temperature Sensor connects wirelessly to the Mobile Display Unit (MDU) for simple installation without the need to route wires. The Mobile Surface Temperature Sensor is used to detect and alert the vehicle operator of possible freezing conditions. The Mobile Surface Temperature Sensors were designed for the high demands of road weather management professionals.

  • Fast Environmental Acclimation Rate
  • Sensor-to-Display Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Colour LCD Display
  • Fully Sealed Weatherproof Design
  • Integrate with Existing AVL Systems
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RWIS Road Visibility Sensor

The RWIS Road Visibility Sensor — Model 5434-00 measures atmospheric visibility for use in Road Weather Information System (RWIS) Environmental Sensor Stations (ESS). The RWIS Road Visibility Sensor is designed to perform in all types of weather conditions. An integrated, one-piece housing keeps all cabling internal to the RWIS Road Visibility Sensor for ultimate protection against the elements. The RWIS Road Visibility Sensor housing is made from anodized aluminum and the enclosures are rugged, UV-resistant fiberglass rated to IP66. Based on the proven experience of the NWS and FAA, the RWIS Road Visibility Sensor uses a “look down” geometry to reduce window contamination and clogging from blowing snow. The windows use continuous-duty anti-dew heaters. As an option, thermostatically controlled external hood heaters are offered for protection in extreme environments. All power and signal lines to the RWIS Road Visibility Sensor are protected with surge and EMI filtering to help guarantee uninterrupted service for the life of the sensor.

  • 9.9 miles (16 km) Visibility Range
  • Flexible Output Options
  • Ice-Resistant “Look Down” Geometry
  • Simple Installation & Maintenance
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Present Weather Sensor

The Present Weather Sensor — Model 5538-00 is a fully automated instrument that provides accurate visibility, present weather, and precipitation measurements in a single sensor. The Present Weather Sensor use all digital signal processing (DSP) for no-drift, high accuracy results. Applications include using the Present Weather Sensor at airports, along roadways by regional and/or state transportation departments, and road weather research facilities.

  • DSP Based — No Field Calibration
  • Single Rugged Package
  • Unaffected by Dust or Build-up on Lenses
  • Built-in Self Diagnostics & Testing
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NTCIP Highway Surface Sensor Station

The High Sierra Electronics RWIS Passive Runway/Highway Surface Sensor Station is an Environmental Sensor Station (ESS) that is NTCIP (National Transportation Communications for ITS Protocol) compliant, which simplifies integration with other field devices in an Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Network. Real-time anti-icing knowledge of the pavement surface state is necessary for making an informed decision on treatment and for message sign activation. The RWIS Passive Runway/Highway Surface Sensor Station — Model 5721-05 is an NTCIP compliant remote processing system for monitoring the actual road surface environment. The Passive Runway/Highway Surface Sensor Station is well suited for roadways, ice-prone bridges, elevated roadways (including entryways, parking garage ramps or loading docks), and other commercial applications.

  • Detects Moisture and Ice
  • Monitors and Reports Real-Time Road Conditions
  • NTCIP Compliant
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified
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NTCIP RWIS Remote Processing Unit

The RWIS Remote Processing Unit (RPU) — Model 5400-03 is the heart of a standards based, open architecture National Transportation Communications for ITS Protocol (NTCIP)-compliant Road Weather Information System (RWIS) Environmental Sensor Station (ESS), designed for primary deployment in new or existing RWIS stations. RWIS systems provide important information about weather and roadway conditions, helping operations and maintenance personnel stay informed so that they can make timely decisions and improve traffic safety. RWIS Remote Processing Unit systems allow transportation agencies to implement open architecture RPU-based RWIS in a cost-effective manner.

  • NTCIP 1204 ESS Compliant Architecture
  • Supports Full Complement of RWIS Sensors
  • Equip Cabinet Mount Configuration
  • Integral Surge Suppression
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