Median Mount Message Signs

An Innovation Breakthrough: Median Mount Fixed VMS (FVMS)

Our Median Mount Fixed VMS (FVMS) was designed entirely in house by our Stinson Owl-Lite design team and partner companies. It’s been purpose built to provide an alternative to TC-64 (Temporary Condition) signs which were found to be ineffective and rather dangerous to maintain.

A Proven Winner in the Field

After its wide-spread and successful deployment during the 2015 Pan Am Games the MTO and the public voiced their endorsement of this concept for its unique functionality.

Benefits Realized

A major advantage of these signs is their convenient placement in centre median and great mounting height which allows very clear and easy legibility of the displayed messages.

The system boasts the ability to be deployed in a single night, and its complete power and communications self-sufficiency makes it an invaluable supplement to any existing network of overhead VMS signs.

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416-859-5036 to learn more about this innovative product.

Median Mount Semi-Fixed VMS

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