Powell Group of Companies

Stinson Owl-Lite is proud to be a part of the Powell Group of Companies. In a collaborative effort, members of the Powell Group of Companies are considered to be an all-in-one resource to those in the construction industry.

Collectively, all of the partner companies bring over 130 years of expertise to the Ontario road safety, traffic and infrastructure industry, and bring a wealth of knowledge, as well as a wide range of products and services to the industry.

The Powell Group of Companies include:

Powell Contracting

Powell Contracting Limited has become an industry leader by providing Southern Ontario with the supply and installation of temporary concrete barriers, noise barriers, crash cushions, guide rails, ground mount signs, overhead signs and sign mounting structures.

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Safe Roads Engineering

Safe Roads Engineering provides clients with services and products that are considered the best in the industry. They offer cutting edge engineering services for roadside safety systems, traffic staging and management plans, asset management and infrastructure inspection services, along with many sign structure & noisewall design services.

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AMG Metals

AMG Metals Inc. has been a supplier of quality aluminum and metal products since 1980 and is certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau to CSA Standards W47.2 for Aluminum and W47.1 for Steel. The Ministry of Transportation of Ontario has designated AMG Metals Inc. as one of the very select suppliers of a range of metal highway products.

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GeoSolv designs and builds Innovative Foundation Solutions™ including Geopier® Solutions, helical & micropile systems for ICI applications and provides solutions to other markets such as transportation, multifamily residential homes, storage tanks, industrial and power facilities. The Geopier suite of ground improvement solutions provides positive ground treatment for all soil types – faster and less costly than piles, caissons or excavation and replacement. Control your foundations risk and your costs by hiring GeoSolv for your next project.

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Lecol Co. Ltd. is a distribution company for roadway related safety products. Their slogan is "Our Business is Your Safety". Although the focus of the company has been the distribution of crash cushion safety systems, they have expanded their expertise to include flexible posts and markers, plastic safety barriers, glare screen systems and vehicle arresting barriers. They are members of the Ontario Goods Roads Association (OGRA), Transportation Association of Canada (TAC), and the American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA).

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Powell Foundations

Powell Foundations is a foundation company which specializes in providing design, supply and installation of shoring and foundation systems. Their mission is to provide cost effective foundation solutions and exceptional service to developers and general contractors in the Ontario market. They strive to be the best and the safest in the industry through hard work, determination, ingenuity and commitment to their clients, with an effort to develop and maintain long term working relationships.

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Infrastructure Logistics

Infrastructure Logistics, in partnership with J.F. Kitching & Son Limited, provides safe and reliable flatbed and float trucking services throughout Ontario. Infrastructure Logistics is a company that you can trust with all of your heavy equipment and load transportation needs. They continually strive to exceed all industry training and safety standards. 

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Powell Mobile Barriers

The Mobile Barrier Trailer (MBT-1) is an integrated rigid wall trailer that is used to provide mobile and improved safety work environments. This is applicable for personnel at maintenance, construction and security sites. MBT-1 is specifically designed to decrease work zone injuries. By forcing traffic to pass away from workers (fore, aft and side) their products can reduce the number of collateral vehicles and equipment needed at the work site.

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Founded in 2007, their focus rests on storm water management and storm/grey water harvesting. They work closely with Cultec Inc. and Wahaso Water Harvesting Solutions Inc. to utilize cutting edge technology in the storm/grey water industry. The Clean Water Act declares that a certain percentage of the storm water runoff from a project must be contained and treated on site. In years past, the solutions have included labour intensive holding ponds, concrete structures and steel/concrete pipe systems.

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