Truck Entrance/Exit Warning System

TC-31A Truck Entrance & Exit
Advanced Warning System

Stinson Owl-Lite’s TC-31A Truck Entrance & Exit Advanced Warning System is an automated version of the of the TC-31 sign. This essential sign warns drivers when a slow-moving truck is exiting a roadside work zone allowing them to slow down or move over to make room for other vehicles.

The TC-31A adds vehicle detection at the truck exit as well as wireless activation of warning beacons on the sign itself. The sign is also accompanied by a "When Flashing" sign so that drivers know when the system has been remotely activated.

What's Involved in Deploying One of These Systems?

We have designed a very durable and user-friendly platform structure to deploy these TC31A signs. There are two components to its system:

  • Detector Station
  • Flashing Station

The detector station is placed at the truck exit while the flashing station is place 500-1000m upstream. This allows ample time for drivers to react to the warning.

Have questions? Contact our ITS department by email, or by phone at 416-859-5036.

TC-31A & Detector Station

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