Portable Sensor Trailers

Portable Sensor Trailers Traffic Sensor Trailer

Portable Sensor Trailers are platforms that can be used for a variety of applications and can assist in your Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).

Stinson Owl-Lite’s extensive offering of portable sensor trailers provide the height, weight, capacity and mobility essential for accurate and successful traffic monitoring. Looking for camera's and sensors to go with your trailer? Check out our cameras and sensors page.

Completely Autonomous 

All of our radar traffic control equipment and trailers are battery powered, capable of autonomous operation for long periods of time, and are completely solar powered.

These trailers can be specifically equipped to include the following:

  • Real-time queue detection
  • Remote data collection using a modem from a base-station computer
  • GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) for asset tracking/security and fleet management
  • Weather-tight control cabinet housing all vital components
  • Side Fire Radar Sensors that can monitor up to eight lanes of traffic for volume, occupancy and speed (with a sensor programmed to monitor altering traffic patterns)
  • Wildlife detection systems 
  • Road Weather Information System (RWIS) sensors
  • Integration with MTO traffic cameras, sensors and loop detectors
With a powerful solar panel, battery and cellular communications these 
trailers are ready to go at any moment. No activation or prep is required,
just pull up, hitch the trailer and go.

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