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Stinson Owl-Lite is proud to be Miovision's Ontario Partner. As Ontario cities and towns grow, and traffic becomes more complicated, the Miovision TrafficLink platform has stepped up to help traffic engineers create much more responsive and efficient traffic networks.

It's all about smarter management, and with the ability to solve 10x more traffic problems by ensuring the right people are getting the information they need, and at the right time. With Miovision TrafficLink, you will get all of this and more.

What TrafficLink Offers: 

Automated Signal Performance Measures

Deeper traffic analytics to improve the performance of your traffic network using our industry-leading automated traffic signal performance measures (ATSPMs).

Analyze Better Video

Using the world’s most advanced traffic AI, TrafficLink uses SmartView 360 cameras to provide actionable insights.

Manage Traffic Smarter

Monitor and manage your signals remotely so you can prioritize your resources and solve issues before they escalate.

Connect Your City

TrafficLink open architecture lays the foundation for vehicle-to-intersection (V2I) technology while enabling transit priority and emergency pre-emption today.

Advanced Intersection Control & Analytics

With the use of the SmartSense video detection product an intersection becomes fully actuated with automatic 24/7 traffic studies and incident detection.

 Video - SmartSense Capabilities


Video - Pedestrian Detection                                                                                                                                                                   


Downloadable Brochures

For the full SmartSense brochure click here

For the full Miovision SmartLink overview brochure, click here

For the full Miovision SmartView 360 brochure, click here 

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