24Hr Flashing Beacons

24 Hour Flashing Beacons


The JSF Tech 24-Hour Flashing Beacon is completely autonomous and runs continuously all the time. This beacon is a great addition to warning signs that need added visibility such as sharp curve signs, animal crossing signs and new traffic pattern signs. These beacons do not have any external wiring and are completely self-contained. This means there is no trenching or digging up the road. No hook-up to the electrical grid and no power bills. Installation can be conducted without road closures and often only requires 1-3 people. These beacons can accommodate a wide range of road types. The round, amber LED signals have size options of 8" or 12". The configurations include single and dual signal mounting for pole top, side mount and overhead mounting. With these options, applications can vary from small parking lots, to residential streets, to college campuses, to large highways.
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  1. JSF FL-1400
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  4. JSF FL-7400
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  7. JSF FL-5800
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