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Standard and Custom Racking Solutions for Any Vehicle

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Custom Racking Solutions

Stinson Owl-Lite is dedicated to manufacturing tough, long-lasting vehicle racking solutions of the absolute highest quality — the kind of quality we insist on for our own fleet. Our custom racking solutions are designed and hand crafted in-house right here in Ontario. We use CNC cutting technology, special jigs, skilled welders, and are topped with a variety of finishes including: stainless steel, powder coating, and galvanized. Let us know what your specific racking needs are, and no matter what the design requirements, we will make it happen.


We are proud to carry a wide array of BACKRACK™ quality products and truly understand that your truck is your primary tool for your trade. Even though you use your truck for work you don't always want it to look like a work truck. BACKRACK™ truck racks maintain your truck's style while providing you with a practical tool to carry ladders and long loads, secure shifting cargo, or mount most types of lights or accessories.

Have questions? Contact our Truck Safety department directly by email, or call them at  905-669-2360 ext.129

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