Truck Entrance Warning System (TC-31A)

TC-31A Truck Exit Warning System

What is a TC-31A system?

A TC-31A is an automated version of the TC-31 sign. These signs warn drivers when a slow moving truck is exiting a roadside workzone allowing them to slow down or move over to make room. The standard TC-31 sign has been found to be very ineffective due to the infrequency of trucks exiting a work zone, drivers get used to the sign and begin ignoring it. The TC-31A adds vehicle detection at the truck exit as well as wireless activation of warning beacons at the sign itself. The sign is also accompanied by a "When Flashing" sign so that drivers know that the system is remotely activated. This improvement has been found to be incredibly effective.

What's involved with deploying one of these systems?

We have designed a very durable and user friendly platform structure to deploy these TC31A signs. There are two components to a TC-31A system:

  • Detector Station
  • Flashing Station
The detector station is placed at the truck exit while the flashing station is place 500-1000m upstream. This allows ample time for drivers to react to the warning.