Radar Feedback Signs

Radar Feedback Signs

Pole Mounted Radar Feedback Signs

Radar speed signs (also known as radar signs, driver feedback signs, speed display signs, radar speed displays, and “Your Speed” signs) are traffic calming devices that slow speeders down by alerting them of their speed. They can be used by cities and towns, neighborhoods, school zones, work zones, parks, daycare areas, churches, or anywhere traffic tends to exceed a safe rate of speed.


  • Portable, AC Powered and Solar Powered Options Available
  • 11", 13" and 17" Models Available
  • Full Matrix Boards with Triggered "SLOW DOWN" Messaging Available
  • WiFi/Bluetooth and Android App Available for Sign Configuration and Data Downloads
  • Four Daily On/Off Timers Available

Radar Feedback Trailers

Trailer Mounted Radar Feedback Signs

Ver-Mac’s trailer-mounted radar speed signs feature state-of-the-art Houston doppler radar, V-Touch SP controller, and optional Stealth technology. Our radar speed sign is designed to display real-time speed information to the motoring public, reducing speeds and providing a safer environment. The unit can be equipped with a data logger or modem and combined with our Jamlogic software to download speed data or provide data for traffic studies.

  • Touch Screen Controllers
  • Stealth Technology for Theft Deterrent Available
  • Full Matrix Boards with Triggered "SLOW DOWN" Messaging Available
  • 3 Character Signs Available for Highway Applications