Median Mount Semi-Fixed VMS

Median Mounted Semi-Fixed Variable Message Boards

A Median Mounted VMS for Long Term Work Zones and Location Proofing

This median mounted sign was designed completely in house by Stinson-Owl-Lite and it's partner companies. It was purpose built to provide an alternative to TC-64 signs which were found to be ineffective and dangerous to maintain. In additional to this initial purpose a number of other even more valuable uses have been discovered.

After it's wide-spread and successful deployment during the Pan Am Games 2015 the MTO and the driving public embraced the concept and unique functionality of this sign system. A flood of positive feedback was received from the public regarding these signs for their convenient placement in centre median and large mounting height which allowed very clear and easy legibility of the displayed messages. The systems ability to be deployed in a single night and its complete power and communications self sufficiency made it a hit for the MTO operators as it provided an invaluable supplement to their existing network of overhead VMS signs.

A Multi-Purpose Device

After extensive use and testing over the past two years a number of valuable functions and uses have been identified for the sign:

  • Proofing Planned Fixed VMS Installation Locations
  • Replacing TC-64 Signs in Major Capital Contracts
  • Providing Prominent Messaging During Special Events

Stinson Owl-Lite is continuing to develop and test the Median Mount VMS platform.

We are currently in the process of crash testing it to the new MASH standard.

If successful, this will be the first ever crash tested VMS system of its kind